Central Valley Farmworker Foundation

Read Jose's Story

Jose Hernandez has worked as a farm worker in the Central Valley for over 30 years, ever since he emigrated from his native village of Iramuco, Guanajuato, Mexico.  Jose remembers fishing throughout his childhood in order to help provide food for the rest of his 9 siblings. Jose has vivid memories of working along with his father in the early morning hours hoping that the next batch of fish would be enough to feed the whole family.  According to Jose, fishing is an art just like vineyards; you need to have a lot of dedication to make sure you get the perfect yield.  Jose's hard work is well known among his colleagues and family, where they admire his hard work ethic and aspiration for perfection. The same passion that Jose has for fishing and vineyards could also be seen in his quest to help others, especially his fellow farm workers.  Jose hopes that his role in the California Farmworker Foundation can help change the lives of farm workers in the Central Valley, especially in the education sector. Jose is a firm believer in supporting higher education for children of farm workers because he has seen firsthand the importance of obtaining a college degree.  Jose is always proud to acknowledge that all four of his children received a college degree. Jose believes that his biggest accomplishment in life has been giving an education to his children so that they can provide a better future for the next generation. Currently, Jose resides with his wife Rebecca in Richgrove, California, where he has lived ever since he immigrated to California.